#0002 – Paris, Poetry, and Protest Featuring Louisa Drury

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, I sat down with poet, teacher, and friend Louisa Drury at her kitchen table in the small town of Stowe, Vermont, where she was kind enough to share a bit about her time in Paris during a period I — and so many artists I know — have lived in romantic envy of for our entire lives. Gifting us a reading of some of her work, Louisa is a living reminder that art itself is a form of protest.

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Photo by: Bronwyn Fryer

#0001 – Prologue Feat. Mike The Guitar

From a spring sunset we begin by stretching back through the past winter to what brought us here…

We start with a poem called “Sounds of Home,” then head to Ireland — once for adventure, and again for love — before ending up back home in the mountains of Vermont:

We’re also lucky enough to have our musical guest, Mike the Guitar, take us for a ride on a Greyhound bus bound for Reno, followed by a trip to Portland for a date at the homeless shelter.

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Photo by: Arielle Thomas (@whiskyspice)